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Dan's Mac OS-X EDA Page

Logic Simulators

You can get a decent Verilog simulator (Cver) from the EDA Downloads section of this web site


 I am working on the Vide Verilog IDE and waveform viewer but I'm not finished with the port yet. You can see a screen shot at this URL. I have the simulator and waveform viewer working but there are still some bugs loading files in the Verilog editor.


 Felix Bertram has completed a port of IVI to OS-X (IVIonOSX). IVI is a GPL'ed simulator frontend, to perform interactive VHDL and Verilog simulations, and waveform viewing.. This is the source for a GPL'ed VHDL and Verilog simulator and waveform viewer, shrink-wrapped as a ready-to-use installer for MacOSX. The goal of the IVIonOSX effort is to port the required tools to the Mac and maintain a reliable binary distribution that is as Mac-like as possible.

IVIonOSX currently integrates the following tools which are described in more detail below:

  • IVI
  • Icarus
  • GHDL

IVIonOSXis available here: http://ivionosx.sourceforge.net/


 GHDL implements nearly all VHDL87 (common name for IEEE 1076-1987) standard, most features of VHDL93 (aka IEEE 1076-1993) and the protected types of VHDL00 (aka IEEE 1076a or IEEE 1076-2000). The VHDL version can be selected with a command line option. The current version is a beta version: some VHDL features, such as overflow checking, are not implemented. However, it is complete enough to compile the std_logic_1664 package or the vital packages. It have also successfully compiled and run DLX and leon1.

GHDL directly creates binaries or executable images, which is the best form for testbenches (ie autonomous self-checking VHDL designs which use assert). A binary can also creates a VCD file, which may visually be inspected with wave viewers.


DirectVHDL is a low cost VHDL simulator with the following features:

  • VHDL Workspace - an easy-to-use manager that serves as a starting point to launch the VHDL editor and simulator.
  • VHDL Editor - an advanced editor providing syntax coloring and syntax-error detection. Highlights syntax errors as you type.
  • VHDL Simulator - allows you to simulate and debug your design with a graphical waveform viewer.
  • VHDL Tutorial - provides an easy introduction to the VHDL language.


  • The group and reject keywords are not supported.
  • Configurations are not completely supported.
  • Libraries are not supported except the builtin IEEE libraries (std_logic_1164, numeric_bit, numeric_std, std_logic_textio, std_logic_arith, std_logic_signed, std_logic_unsigned).


TkGateis a event driven digital circuit simulator with a TCL/TK-based graphical editor. TkGate supports a wide range of primitive circuit elements as well as user-defined modules for hierarchical design.

The distribution comes with a number of tutorial and example circuits which can be loaded through the "Help" menu. Support tools include a microcode/macrocode compiler to assist in creating large projects such as microprocessor designs.

TkGate is free under the Gnu Public License. If your system doesn't have TCL/TK installed, you can get a distribution for you platform at the TCL/TK Developer Xchange.

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