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Dan's Mac OS-X EDA Page

Schematic Capture

For schematic capture I use Designworksfrom Capilano Computing (http://www.capilano.com). The main reasonI use it is that it has a nice user programmable net list interfaceso you can link it to just about anything. You might also lookat http://www.geda.seul.org/for a public domain schematic capture package. For a basic schematiccapability see the MI-SUGAR description in the Circuit Simulators section.

I haven't used the ChipmunkSystem yet but I was recently informed that it does compileunder OS-X. The software tools in the Chipmunk System performa wide variety of tasks: electronic circuit simulation and schematiccapture, graphics editing, and curve plotting. See the platformrequirements to see if it will run on your system.

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